Four Tips to Help Your Load Testing

Load testing is an important part of software development. Load testing checks how the program or computer runs under normal and peak load conditions. This can help find issues with the loading and determine if there is lag. Here are some tips to help you load test your software.

What should you be testing?

There is no one way of running a load test, so you need to know what you are looking to test and what questions you want answered. You should start by testing your software against other software that is similar or uses the same coding.

You should also test your software on different networks around the world. This can help you find latency issues. You should also think about testing in regions that you think your software is going to get the most usage.

Consider both Paid and Free Tools

There are many tools that you can use during load testing. So, take some time to evaluate what your needs are now and what they could be in the future. The price of the tool should not be used to decide what the best option is for you.

You should look at the features that provide you with the most data for your user experience. If there is not an open source or free testing tool, you should look for a paid tool that fits your needs.

Start Small and Continue Until the Software Breaks

The best way of finding when your software starts falling apart is starting small and working your way up slowly. A good test will start with one user per second. You should be watching the performance metrics and then slowly add more users per second.

You should be noting changes in the test results and storing your findings. This is important because you will need to compare these results with other test results. It is recommended that you use cloud load testing (according to, as you do not need to worry about damaging your software or website, during the testing. The cloud load testing program could also store information, so comparing two or more tests is easier.

Run the Same Tests

When you make any changes to your software, website, or API, you should test it with the same tests in the same environment. This will show if there has been any improvement or if the same problems are occurring. The more testing you do, the better chances that, you will find the areas that are not creating the results that you want?

Load testing should be done on all software to make sure that it can run under stress, and that there is no problem when running under normal conditions. Load testing does not have to take a long time.