In layman’s terms, web performance is the speed in which the page are downloaded and shown on the web browser. Since the early years of the internet, site admins have tried to improve the speed of their download and display.

When web performance is optimized, you can expect improved loyalty among visitors, more satisfied mobile users, and higher ranking among search engines. And because optimization of the website results to less data downloaded, the operation of the website consumes less power. Below are some reasons why web performance is important.

As consumers shift towards mobile devices to browse the internet, it is important for website owners to ensure that mobile users have good online experience as well. At present, mobile internet is already at par with wired connections when it comes to speed. However, it is important for website owners to consider the screen size.

Load testing should be done on all software to make sure that it can run under stress, and that there is no problem when running under normal conditions. We at Urfart, gives you an idea on how to do the proper way of load testing your site. Read our blog to know more about Load Testing.